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Why us?

We design beautiful visualizations for your team to easily understand key data. We connect your data sources, streamline workflows, and modernize your cloud infrastructure with the best technology available. We put all the pieces together and are accountable for the total success of the solution - and we guarantee results.

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What we do?

Most businesses still conduct stale information analysis using antiquated techniques in a world of exponential data expansion and a multiverse of silos. People feel stuck in outmoded reports, dashboards, and excel files indefinitely while investing in the newest technologies.Requests for data are continuously managed by business executives and technical teams, which eventually leads to bottlenecks and confusion. It costs money, takes a lot of time, and is frustrating. Advanced analytics and data science don't exist; instead, there is information overload, data waste management, and analytical paralysis.

To address these issues, TechSphere’s team works with these principles:

First, we comprehend the proper procedure for warehousing and pipelining ELT data. We know how to make your data available in the most detailed ways, almost instantly, for analysis and study. The approaches we use are effective and enhanced to guarantee results.

Second, we are aware of the appropriate software for the task. We put our money into reputable businesses like Tableau, Looker, Google BigQuery, and AWS, to name a few. We regularly assess the leading contenders in the market, and we let our clients know about it.

Without sounding cliché, our people truly make the difference. Process and technology are interchangeable, but the key differentiator in your team's performance is its people members.

Traditional data exploration is boring & broken

Create a true data-insights culture with easy self-serve analytics

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